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Heart Rize fitness is unique in that the workouts are entirely scalable, meaning they can be adjusted to any fitness level or age, from a top athlete to a first-timer. This “scalability” allows Heart Rize fitness to appeal to a much larger market demographic than other fitness concepts that may be considered as intimidating to potential members that aren’t in the high fitness category. This approach allows friends, family, and coworkers at different fitness levels the ability to train together and still get the most out of each workout.

A Heart Rize coach will instruct each class to inspire, motivate and ensure proper exercise form throughout each workout. Members can expect to burn 500 – 1000 calories in 50 minutes with a different combination of exercises every class. We visual display the workout of the day for clients to watch and learn exercise form. This helps us run a cohesive class and allows the trainer to focus more on proper form and motivation throughout the workout.

The Heart Rate program used by Heart Rize Fitness creates a competitive atmosphere for members to give their best effort throughout each workout. You win trophy points throughout the workout by staying in the yellow (1point), Green (3points), and Red (1point) zones. At the end of the workout your total trophy points will be displayed on the TV screen to show your class performance. This gets competitive and is anyone’s game to win. Each client has a profile that is used to customize each client’s calorie calculation (Gender, Age, Weight, Height) and heart rate calculation (heart rate / (208-(0.7xAge)). We use 4 colored zones that represent your work effort throughout the workout. The green zone (85%-95% max HR) is the fat burning zone. The goal is to stay in this zone for longer than 12 minutes throughout the workout. This will trigger excess post oxygen consumption (EPOC) which boosts the metabolism and allows your body to burn calories for hours after the workout. The heart rate data seamlessly saves into the Heart Rize app for you to review your workout performances daily, weekly, and monthly. We also use this data to customize your personal plan during our 15min monthly fitness assessments.

Heart Rize Fitness

We say skip the long, boring cardio workouts and exchange them for exciting and diverse exercises that will burn fat, build muscle and transform your body. Whether you prefer HIIT or MetCon, both will improve your heart health by leaps and bounds and that is why Heart Rize Fitness was developed. High intensity workouts keep your heart muscle working up to 90% of your MHR, building up a tremendous amount of strength and endurance. High intensity workouts also raise the amount of oxygen your body can consume, which will improve your cardiovascular health. The constant calorie burning is also beneficial for maintaining healthy glucose levels and increasing your metabolism for a healthier you.