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People often look for the newest and best fitness trends to achieve their fitness goals. Our workouts are based on Tabata interval training. This type of training has proven to create rapid muscle development, improve endurance, and increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity. The environment has a high energy and pace to create effective motivation and encouragement. Our trainers take pride in delivering the best experience possibly both physically and mentally.

The Heart Rize workout flows smoothly for 50 minutes with a combination of 16 to 20 Tabata’s. Tabata training is derived from a technique created mainly for runners called "high intensity interval training." We use this technique of interval training to scale the group training to many different fitness levels and break down segments of the body. This allows us to not only improve aerobic capacity but also improve the aesthetic appearance of the body. This technique improves lean mass to fat ratio, as you are burning fat and building muscle simultaneously. It also saves a tremendous amount of time, which makes the program that much more attractive for people with busy schedules. People with little exercise experience have limited amount of neuromuscular connection (mind to muscle connection) which is why we break down the Tabata’s into focused muscle groups allowing beginners to create muscle development fast. We also keep you on your toes by delivering a new workout program every 90 days, which keeps the body confused and progressing in a positive way. Not only that, but you won’t get bored with machines and traditional training methods used by most gyms. We have developed over 1000 workout routines to keep clients mentally engaged and enthusiastic about each workout.

Heart Rize Fitness

We say skip the long, boring cardio workouts and exchange them for exciting and diverse exercises that will burn fat, build muscle and transform your body. Whether you prefer HIIT or MetCon, both will improve your heart health by leaps and bounds and that is why Heart Rize Fitness was developed. High intensity workouts keep your heart muscle working up to 90% of your MHR, building up a tremendous amount of strength and endurance. High intensity workouts also raise the amount of oxygen your body can consume, which will improve your cardiovascular health. The constant calorie burning is also beneficial for maintaining healthy glucose levels and increasing your metabolism for a healthier you.