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Heart Rize Fitness is a proud ACE certification partner.

There are four phases in the ACE integrated fitness model.

The first phase focuses on stability and mobility training, as well as aerobic-based training.

The second phase teaches movement training and aerobic efficiency training.

The third phase focuses on load training and anaerobic endurance training, while the fourth phase concentrates on performance training and anaerobic power training.

Additionally, you will learn function, health, fitness, and performance tactics throughout the phases. Relationship management, behavioral change, and client communication are also important parts of the integrated fitness model.

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Want to get certified?

Ready for the mission?

Ready to be apart of something bigger than yourself?

Ready to join a team on a mission to change lives not just physical appearance?

What will it take? A minimum of 2 years of training experience, leadership skills, team player, and most importantly living a healthy active life.

This position gives an amazing opportunity for a trainer in the area to make $20-$50 per class. This program has all the tools and systems for a trainer to inspire, motivate and lead hundreds of clients

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