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  • Our accurate 3D body scanner will give you a great starting point and help us create fitness goals for you. This monthly evaluation will keep you motivated and on track to reach your fitness goals here at Heart Rize Fitness.
  • Basic nutritional education during our consultation followed with a plan for success.
  • Alkaline water system design to hydrate the body and improve metabolism
  • Scientifically proven workout to deliver visual results in 4 weeks with 3 to 4 workouts per week.
  • Healthy supplement line to maximize your results.

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    Core Energy Systems

    3 Metabolic Energy Systems

    We say skip the long, boring cardio workouts and exchange them for exciting and diverse exercises that will burn fat, build muscle and transform your body. Whether you prefer HIIT or MetCon, both will improve your heart health by leaps and bounds and that is why Heart Rize Fitness was developed. High intensity workouts keep your heart muscle working up to 90% of your MHR, building up a tremendous amount of strength and endurance. High intensity workouts also raise the amount of oxygen your body can consume, which will improve your cardiovascular health. The constant calorie burning is also beneficial for maintaining healthy glucose levels and increasing your metabolism for a healthier you.

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    First training studio in Valdosta with Technogym Skillmill Technology!

  • Heart Rize Fitness is the first training studio in the state of Georgia to feature the Technogym Skillmill and Skillrow with a heart rate tracking system. Born from Technogym’s experience spanning two decades as official fitness equipment supplier to the Olympics, SKILLMILL™ is the first product allowing everyday athletes to improve their Power, Speed, Stamina and Agility, and enjoy the benefits of professional sports training in a safe, engaging and effective way. A unique solution offering a huge variety of workout routines to train all the body’s energy systems and transform you into a peak performer.

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    Be Stronger Mentally and Physically

    Heart Rize Gym Valdosta

    Fun group workouts that Improve all aspects of your body from heart health to strength

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